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Tax Update Webinars

2018 Tax Webinar June 1.5 hours

Part 1   Key Topics
  •  Crypto-currency and tax
  • Tax Avoidance ? What do IRD and the Court say these days / actual questions we get asked 

Part 2   BSTax Top 40:

  • Bright-line and sale of land by estate
  • Bright-line - land used for multi-purposes how do the exemptions work?
  • Blight-line - subdivision of main home and extra land
  • New and Old Home Office Calculation
  • Forestry company and options for income spreading
  • Trusts: Dividend distributions when only expenses and no other income

Part 3  IRD Audit Trends & Issues 

  • Horse racing syndicates and GST ? Part 2
  •  Interest and expenses while rental being built
  •  Where did that money come from?
  •  Motor Racing ? hobby or not?
  •  Interest on money borrowed from friends offshore
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2018 Tax Webinar May 1.5 hours

Update Topics
  • Trusts and allocating income
  • AIM - Making the Adjustments
  • Qualifying Companies
  • IRD Audits
  • Budget 2018
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2018 Tax Webinar April 1.5 hours

Update Topics 

Part 1: Key Topics
  • Five Year Bright-line - purchases in progress how to tell whether the 2 years or 5 years applies (it's not the date title registered)
  • Proposed Ring-Fencing of Rental losses - it is coming but what's the detail? Could be soon. If we have detail between now and webinar date we'll cover it!
  • Dividends - Detailed IRD paper on all timing aspects - a few new twists
  • Relationship property agreements - opening the door to effective tax planning
Part 2: BSTax Top 40
  • IRD issue statement on when fitting out a building could make its sale taxable
  • Leaky buildings Pt 2 - treatment of settlement receipts and legal costs
  • GST remote services - Facebook advertising and the like
  • GST and "payment" by journal entry - IR shifting sand approach
  • What is BEPs and does it have any relevance at all to over than multinationals
Part 3: IRD Audit Trends & Issues
  • Rental repairs - IRD questions "like-for-like" remediation . . . "come again?"

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2018 Tax Webinar March - 1.5 hours

Update Topics

Labour's Tax Changes
  • A review on changes made so far, including Brightline changes, and other changes to come
Landlord Considerations for End of Year
  • A refresh on the treatment of tax issues for landlords, including capital contributions, expenditure on earthquake strengthening, and GST considerations when there is a change of use or mixed use.
Overseas Expenditure
  • Travelling for work (to and from NZ) and determining what is and is not deductible, entertainment, and employers treatment of employee's overseas travel
Penny Hooper vs. Attribution
  • An outline of these rules covering when they apply and how they differ. How do losses factor into the calculation and how and when to apply subvention payments
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2018 Tax Webinar February - 1.5 hours

 Update Topics

Part 1: 
  • Leaky building R&M and IRD on the Warpath!!
  • Concessional Interest Prov Tax Rules: Recurring practical issues crossing our desks including a brief recap of high points
Part 2:
  • Relationship property agreements - clever tax planning tool
  • What you get when you mix Trustee & Beneficiaries Income with Listed and Multi Rate PIEs
  • GST going concerns with 2-vendor entities
  • Debt Remission where shareholders and creditors are a mix of trusts and individuals
  • What is "dividend avoidance" - IRDs new target
Part 3:
  • Excessive Remuneration - End Game?
  • GST and racing syndicate
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2017 Tax Webinar November - 1.5 hours

 Update Topics

FBT and Motor Vehicles
  • A review of the recently released interpretation statement from IRD on when FBT arises on a motor vehicle, exemptions and FBT calculations. We will comment on some of the more interesting interpretations by IRD.
Family Scheme Income
  • A refresh on the rules and what "other payments" are included.
Donations, gifts and other Christmas Issues
  • As we move into the Christmas season, get an update on what is deductible, what is a donation and when does FBT apply.
Cashing out Research and Development Costs
  • Ensure you are on top of your R&D claim, a review of the rules and requirements, understanding what is allowable and how to make the claim.

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2017 Tax Webinar October 1.5 hours

 Update Topics

Part 1:
  • Land developments: When the client changes their mind and wants to hold a part of the development for their own home or rental.
  • Bees, apiarists and honey - all the tax issues you can think of for this buzzing industry
Part 2: Brandt Segedin Top 40
  • QWBA: Income tax - whether full or partial disposal where a person contributes an asses to a partnership as a capital contribution
  • LTC and associated Loss Co - amalgamation and loss utilisation? Why not?
  • New provisional tax rules - Interest concession where P1 and P2 is zero in prior year(s) because:
    • Standard option was zero
    • Entity is a "New Provisional Taxpayer"
  • Rental income vs. board - taxable or not?
  • And anything else of interest between now and then
Part 3: Audit Issues & Trends
Our ongoing updates on IRD Audit Cases, Trends and Risks
  • Another excessive salary audit
  • GST refunds and "spin offs"

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2017 Tax Webinar September - 1.5 hours

Update Topics

Company - Tainted Capital Gains
  • Stepping through the rules with scenarios to illustrate how past and future transactions can be managed
Non-Deductible Expenditure
  • A review of types of non-deductible expenditure such as legal fees, ACC, entertainment expenditure and start-up costs
LTC Changes
  • What you need to remember about the LTC changes for 1 April 2017
Group Company Transactions
  • Common tax issues when dealing with group company transactions, including advances to other companies, interest implications, deemed dividends, RWT, and grouping rules for losses, GST and FBT

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2017 Tax Webinar August - 1.5 hours

Update Topics

Part 1: Business Sales: Traps and Tips
  • Forestry/Farming/Agriculture - including sale of standing timber values, development expenditure for farm sales, sale of herd with the farm, sale of crop
  • Holiday pay, depreciation, lowest price clause. earnout, GST going concerns and 2nd hand goods with associates - plus lease transfer rules
Part 2: Brandt Segedin Top 40
  • QC Continuity Rules and more than 50% change - planning tip
  • NRWT on Fully imputed dividends - when is it necessary?
  • Real Estate Agents, restructure into companies - okay or not?
  • Shareholder salary - flipping from PAYE to Provisional last minute change - three year time frame now
  • And anything else we have time for
Part 3: Audit Issues and Trends
  • Our ongoing updates on IRD Audit Cases, Trends and Risks
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2017 Tax Webinar July - 1.5 hours

Update Topics
  • Contractors - What rate can be used now and who can receive schedular payments,are self-employed or an employee
  • GST - A refresher on change of use adjustments, backdated applications and concurrent use of land
  • Budget 2017 - The run down of the Budget announcements and the proposed changes to Feasibility Expenditure
  • Employee Share Schemes - What are the new rules, including more recent changes for start-up companies 
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Tech Savvy Webinars

2018 Tech Savvy Webinar - Family Income Schemes & Benefits - June 1.25 hrs

 Working For Families
  • Understanding the different tax credits available
  • Current eligibility rules for tax credits
  • How to calculate Family Scheme Income (including relevant adjustments) to determine a family's entitlement
Student Loans
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Repayment obligations
  • Implications for overseas tax residents
  • How to calculate Family Scheme Income (including relevant adjustments) to determine repayment obligations
Student Allowance
  • Entitlements available and eligibility criteria
  • Accommodation benefits
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2018 Tech Savvy Webinar - Accounting for Rental Properties - April 1.25 hours

 Webinar Highlights
  • Capital Gains - will it be taxable
  • Find out what happens when a property is sold
  • Landlord responsibilities and assistance
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2018 Tech Savvy Webinar - Advising on Business Structures - February 1.25 hours

 Find out why different business structures are used and what to consider when advising on the right structure

Webinar Highlights
  • Why different structures are used
  • When to think about changing structures
  • Case studies and examples
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2017 Tech Savvy - Dividends and Imputation Credits - 1.25 hours

Become familiar with maintaining the imputation credit account and the tax implications of dividends

Webinar Highlights
  • How to maintain the imputation credit account
  • Explanation of when/why dividends should be declared
  • How to best utilise imputation credits
  • Practical examples
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2017 Tech Savvy Webinar - Provisional Tax - August - 1.25 hours

Reinforce your current knowledge and get up to speed with the recent changes to the provisional tax regime

Webinar Highlights
  • Overview of Provisional Tax
  • Changes to the Regime
  • Useful Tips to Note
  • Practical examples
  • Ways to mitigate interest charges (pooling and transfers)
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Special Webinars

2018 Special Edition Webinar - Loss ring-fencing and 5-year bright line 1.50hrs

What do they really mean for property investors?
Take action now to minimise the impact of loss ring-fencing and other changes!

Webinar Highlights
  • What types of property does the ring-fencing apply to?
  • How will the new rules work?
  • What structuring and planning issues should be addressed prior to the loss ring-fencing rules being introduced?
  • What does a 5-year bright line test mean for investors?
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2018 Special Edition Webinar - Anti-Money Laundering for Accountants 1.5 hrs

Webinar Highlights
  • Scope of the AML/CFT rules and compliance obligations - what the rules are about
  • Who is caught by the rules
  • Preparing form AML/CFT - what is required
    • Customer due diligence
    • Written risk assessment
    • AML/DFT programme
    • How to prepare the required documentation (with examples)
    • Potential relief for sharing obligations

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2018 Special Edition Webinar - Introduction to Tax 3.0 hrs

 Webinar Highlights
  • Content that you can use and understand in everyday situations
  • A great reference for any issues you are likely to encounter in your compliance work
  • Understand the various compliance issues a business is likely to encounter
  • Case studies based on everyday tax issues
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2017 Special Edition Webinar - Tax Issues for Land Transactions - Dec - 1.50 hours

 A guide to taxing land, applying exemptions and things not to overlook

Webinar Highlights
  • What is land?
  • An overview of the land taxing provisions
  • Exemptions and how they apply
  • Key areas to watch and examples of where these may arise
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2017 Special Edition Webinar - Company Law And More - Dec 17 - 1.50 hours

 What Accountants Need to Know

Webinar Highlights
  • Directors' responsibilities and interest disclosures
  • Shareholders' responsibilities
  • Solvency test and distributions
  • Company files and statutory records
  • Financial Reporting changes
    • Changes to financial reporting framework
    • Tax Administration (Financial Statements) Order 2014
  • Anti-Money Laundering
    • AML/CFT Amendement Act 2017
    • Scope of the Act and compliance obligations

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2017 SEW - Buying & Selling a Business - 1.5 hours

Practical guide to dealing with tax issues when buying or selling a business

Webinar Highlights
  • Structuring a sale or purchase
  • Capital gains and how to get them
  • The treatment of goodwill
  • How do you treat leases, licences and other intangibles?
  • Selling/purchasing trading stock, consumables and other revenue account property
  • Other issues - depreciation, debtors, holiday pay, provisions
  • Does GST apply?
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