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Tax Update Webinars

2017 Tax Webinar June 2017 - 1.5 hours

A monthly update on topical tax issues

Update Topics
  • Issued May 2017: Full IRD review of Income Tax rules relating to Trusts. 122 pages entitled "Taxation of Trusts - Income Tax Draft Interpretation Statement"
  • Forestry and timber sales - carbon credits - can someone tell us what to do?
  • Replacing single glaze windows with double glaze and installing insulation to meet code - R&M or Capital?
  • Farmhouses and GST - cost of "P" checks"?
  • IRD U-turn on Bright-line rule application to nominations
  • GST and exported goods - NZ Co selling to NZ Co zero-rated, can it be done?
  • More on recent LTC changes in practice
  • GST registration of charities and nil outputs, OK or not?
  • GST registration of charity with nil outputs . . .
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2017 Tax Webinar May 2017 - 1.5 hours

Update Topics 
  • FBT - a general overview including updates on recent changes and frequently asked questions
  • Land - when is it deemed to be acquired under differing situations and including application to the bright-line test
  • Foreign Trusts - an update on the new disclosure requirements including changes to the foreign trust definition
  • Reimbursements - what is taxable and what is not?
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2017 Tax Webinar April 2017 - 1.5 hours

Update Topics
  • Life insurance and taxation - we know about foreign super, but about life policies?
  • Air BnB and similar: Does market value used by trust beneficiaries REALLY count for forced GST registration?
  • GST adjustments, the two year rule in practice and can you still get assets out of GST at original cost?
  • Actual Legislation: essential, practical points from the "Simpler Business" and "Closely Held Company":
    • Last minute changes to new UMI calculation
    • New vehicle rules and existing motor vehicles
    • The final update on the "abolition" of: (a) credit current accounts and debt remission; (b) related party gains
  • FBT and vehicles over 3500kg
  • Transferable titles (land) Part 2 - minor or major subdivision work? or not?
  • Company cars: work-related vehicles and home as places of business - "War Stories"
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2017 Tax Webinar March 2017 - 1.5 hours

This webinar will discuss hot topics from IRD

Update Topics
  • Accommodation provided to employees - how to value
  • GST and taxable activities - a current focus of the IRD
  • When is income from professional services derived
  • Retrospective adjustments of salaries paid to shareholder employees
  • PIE income and tax credits
  • Quick recap: new motor vehicle rules
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2017 Tax Webinar February 2017 - 1.5 hours

Update Topics
  • Trusts crossing borders - treatment of distributions
  • SME outbound structuring - options available for clients trading or migrating offshore
  • US migrant issues (more important now Trump is in power?)
  • Forestry rights - GST and second-hand goods
  • Transferable titles (land) - GST and tax issues
  • Excessive salaries - the sleeping dragon! (IRD eyes excessive salaries)

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2016 Tax Webinar November 2016 - 1.5 hours

Update Topics
  • Depreciation - quick A-Z and some important considerations
  • Tax issues arising on succession
  • Feasibility - life after Trustpower
  • Tax residence - changes to IRD's thinking
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Tech Savvy Webinars

2017 Tech Savvy Webinar - Farming - July - 1.25 hours

Get up to speed with basic farming concepts

Webinar Highlights
  • Livestock valuation examples
  • Overview of the changes to private apportionment rules
  • Common examples of farm development costs
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2017 Tech Savvy - Apr 2017 - FIFs and PIEs - the Basics - 1.25 hours

Improve your understanding of the FIF and PIE concepts and how to interpret a typical portfolio report

Webinar Highlights

Foreign Investment Funds (FIFs)
  • A refresher on the basics
  • Disclosures
  • Foreign Tax Credits and FIF income
PIE Investments
  • Listed, Unlisted (Multi-rates)
  • Choosing the right PIR
  • Expenses and Losses
  • Common errors
Portfolio Reports
  • How to read reports
  • Items to look out for
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2017 Tech Savvy Feb 2017 - Understanding Year End Adjustments 1.25 hours

Webinar Highlights
  • Entertainment
    • Background and overview
    • Exclusions and limitations
    • Entertainment and FBT
    • GST treatment
    • Your scenarios
  • What is a home office?
  • What costs can you claim for your home office?
  • Upcoming changes in home office rules
  • Motor vehicles - reimbursement options
  • Work in progress - recognition

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2016 Tech Savvy Webinar Companies - Year End Planning Issues - 1.25 hours

This series of webinars is a skills top-up for you and your team

What you need to know

This webinar looks at aspects of company tax planning such as profit allocation, managing shareholder current accounts, maintaining the imputation credit account and implications of ownership change. It will help you understand how to proactively manage a company structure for your clients.

Webinar Highlights
  • Dividends and how to declare them
  • Managing shareholder current accounts
  • Imputation credit account management
  • When to pay a dividend and what to consider
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Special Webinars

2017 Special Edition Webinar - Foreign Trust Disclosure Regime - 1.50 hours

Get beyond the basics and understand the practical issues

Webinar Highlights
  • What you need to know and what you need to tell your clients
  • Deficiencies and anomalies in the legislation
  • Timelines and risks for trustees and advisors
  • IRD over-reach in collection of information
  • Options to minimise data collection
  • What happens when the client removes the NZ trustee pre-30 June 2017
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2017 Special Edition Webinar - Getting the $$$ out - 1.50 hours

Tax and legal issues on making distributions from companies and trusts

Webinar Highlights
  • Tax and company law requirements relating to making distributions from companies
  • What are deemed dividends for tax purposes, what are tax-free dividends
  • Tax and trust law requirements relating to making distributions from trusts
  • What may be distributed for trust vs. tax purposes
  • Anti-streaming rules for trust distributions
  • Caution about potential pitfalls in making distributions
  • Refresh on minor beneficiary rules
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2017 Special Edition Webinar - New Trusts Act - 1.50 hours

Understand the implications for you and your client

Webinar Highlights
  • Mandatory and default duties, maximum duration of trust and exemption - indemnity clauses
  • Trustee powers and the exercise of those powers
  • Special trust advisors, trustee indemnities and appointment -discharge of trustees
  • Reviews of trustee's decisions directions and jurisdiction of the courts
  • Transitional provision in schedule 2

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2017 Special Edition Webinar - Tax Issues for Landlords 3.00 hours

This webinar addresses tax issues for commercial, residential and "part time" landlords

Webinar Highlights
  • Depreciation R&M and property fit out
  • Income Tax and GST considerations when buying and selling property
  • The implications of how you rent your accommodation and whether you should consider restructuring short stay vs. long stay
  • expenditure - practical tips on maximising your deductions
  • 30 minutes of Questions and Answer is included in Part 2 of the webinar
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2017 Special Edition Webinar - Technology Trends 1.50 hours

IT security issues for business and individuals in 2017

Webinar Highlights
  • Latest Technology and predictions for 2017
  • IT Security update - practical tips for business
  • Cloud computing- Why or why not
  • Office 365 Tips and Tricks
  • IT news and emerging technologies
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2016 Valuing an SME for Sale or Purchase 1.50 hours

Further tools for your advisory toolbox to help you deliver real value to your clients

Webinar Highlights
  • Preparing the business for sale - housekeeping to maximise value
  • Valuation principles
  • Valuation methods and when they should be applied
  • Tax issues associated with buying and selling a business
  • Case law precedents and our own experience in this area
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2016 Special Webinar - Motor Vehicles - 1.50 hours

What you need to know

The treatment of motor vehicles used partly for business and partly for private car  use has caused confusion for many. This webinar looks at the legislation changes and consider how these will affect businesses. It will also examine the various options available for the ownership of vehicles,creating maximum deductions and minimising costs.

Webinar Highlights
  • Company ownership of shareholder vehicles without FBT (from April 2017)
  • Business vs. Private use and how to distinguish between these
  • Apportionment methods for self-employed
  • Private use of company vehicles
  • Reimbursing employees (and shareholder-employees)
  • GST apportionment
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2016 Special Edition Webinar Getting Rid of Companies - 1.50 hours

What happens when a company has outlasted its usefulness? What to do with the company when the business has sold?

Webinar Highlights
  • Practical approach to getting rid of unwanted companies
  • Choosing the most appropriate method to get rid of a company
  • How each method works
  • Pros and cons for each method
  • Tax issues
  • Reinstatement after strike off
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2016 Technology Trends Webinar - 1.50 hours

Webinar Highlights
  • Local focus - IT Security in NZ
  • Information risks
  • Ransomware - making a comeback in 2016
  • Internet security threats
  • Email protection and archiving
  • Major IT news items
  • Microsoft Office 365 - What's involved in a migration to the Microsoft Cloud
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